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  1. What does the 30 year warranty on my shingles cover? A lot of customers get the 30yr warranty confused with the 1 year workmanship warranty & think there roof is covered for anything in that 30 year span.

---  New Construction Projects: The 30 year warranty is something your shingle or material manufacturer provides if there happens to be any defects with your shingles (delaminating and humped up shingles due to distortion of pallets are a few examples) The one year workmanship warranty most builders and contractors  provide is a warranty that covers any workmanship or installation errors.  Typically in the first year, workmanship issues will present themselves.

-- Replacement Roof Projects: For whole roof replacements, the workmanship is a 10 year warranty. Same warranty applies for the material.

  1. Can I do the work myself?

--- Professional roofing contractors, such as ourselves, are experienced and adequately trained in safety procedures to efficiently and accurately make any exterior repairs or replacements that you wish. Sometimes you can actually do more harm with novice techniques if you’re not careful. However, homeowner maintenance can be performed once in the fall and spring to check for threatening debris and gutters filled with dead leaves.

  1. What type of work do we do?

--- We do residential and commercial exterior work. This includes but not limited to roof, vinyl/hardie siding, columns, and gutters installation. At Ridgeline Construction,  there are a handful of handy men who are capable of performing other exterior work if requested and approved.

  1. How much would a new roof cost?

--- There are numerous factors that come into play when figuring the cost of a new roof; the material selected, your contractor, labor rates, time of year, and the home itself are a few factors. Going with the cheapest contractor the majority of the time is not your best option. Here at Ridgeline Construction we prefer quality over quantity. We also offer FREE estimates!!

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